Step 1:  Adding media to your media library

… as simple as drag and drop. There are some file types that work and some that don’t – so look carefully at the list.

Types of Files:

    • pictures – jpg, png, gif  NOT tiff
    • video – .mov (.mp4, m4v not yet)
    • pdf, MS Office/Open Office documents


  1. Select Media from the side menu
  2. Choose Add Media and a window opens up for files to be dragged and dropped onto for upload.  The status of each file’s upload is listed under the ‘drop box’.add_media


1.  Adjust the size


Step 6: Adding, formatting text on your pages

…by typing directly onto your WordPress page OR you can copy and paste from other documents you have typed.

Step 7:  Double check privacy and access!

….and your site is live!