Below is the first tutorial for starting your own WordPress.



Step 1:  Log into your WordPress site

…..using the username/password (same as your district email!)

Note:  If your password is not recognized, then click here to learn how to reset your password.

Step 2:  Create a first page

…..that will be the static ‘home’ page for your site.  You don’t have to call it ‘HOME’; you can call it anything like, My Classroom, Learning in Division 05, etc… Be Creative, Have Fun – and yes, you can change it if you want to!

Step 3:  Choose the Theme/Look

….for your site!  At the start up of the SD79 Learn Network, there are 20+ themes to choose from.

Step 4:  Customize your theme

….by choosing  text colour, background colour/image, etc.

Step 5:  Create the blank pages for your site

….by using several samples, choose how you would like to organize your information

Step 6:  Make the navigational menu

….by identifying which of your pages you want as the ‘parent’ (list title), and which you want as the ‘child’ on your drop down menus



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