Include Student Interaction on your class WordPress!


Including student interaction in your WordPress is as simple as adjusting each page to allow for “comment”.  Then you have only two basic choices left:  how are you going to moderate the comments, and how are you going to be notified your have comments to moderate?


Step 1:  Create a page where your students can ‘blog’ – digitally chat!

Post a picture with a capture, upload a video, provide a link to another web resource, or reference a text page!  Provide direction for the chat, and then publish.


Math estimation example

Step 2:  Using the Quick View, check your comment settings!

As noted in the first tutorial, when you create a new page, the default setting allows for comments. In the basic WordPress site, you were advised to turn off (deselect) the comment box in the Quick View.

quick_view_comments copy

Step 3:  Revisit your discussion settings!

Settings can be changed  – and changed back to suit your teaching at the moment. If you are providing a blog assignment that will continue for an extended period of time, then you might wish to keep the moderation settings turned on fully. If, however, you are having a digital discussion during a class block, you may wish to lessen the settings to suit the needs.