Create in BookCreator — one of the most versatile apps in our core suite.  Create rich, multi-media ebooks and digital graphic novels.


First, select a shape:  (If you are going to combine books, they must all be the same shape)



The first page is the Cover.  Add pages by touching the right arrow, or + sign


The two buttons you need to create are the + button (which adds elements) and the i button which adds effects to the elements


This first screen shows Comic style elements

The “Media” tab (bottom left) allows you to add the traditional elements


Shapes are on the third tab


Touch an element on the + menu to place it on the page. With the element selected, touch the i button and see what effects can be added or changed



Likewise there are Page effects under the i button



If you choose a Text element, the i button reveals all text-related features.


The share button is the third choice– use this to send your book to ownCloud.