ownCloud is storage program that allows iPads and other mobile devices in the district to save their files and projects off of the devices without having to be tethered to an Apple ID.


This is extremely important when you are sharing one iPad between 6-8 different students in the course of a day.  When the iPad arrives to a student, it should have nothing left from the previous student:

  • all photos, project documents are deleted
  • all programs are fully closed
  • student has logged out of the ownCloud app on the mobile device

The iPad is turned off and ready for the next student.


How has SD79 Technology Department set up ownCloud?

Note:  At this time, SD79 does not have the bandwidth at each of the schools to allow for a central server storage area.  This means, as of January 2014, SD79 still must duplicate server services at all schools.  Ideally, to lower costs involved with maintenance, troubleshooting, set up, upgrades, etc, a central Active Directory service would allow the school district to provide each user (student, teacher, parent, employee) to have one username and password that would allow access to webmail, web, and other services. 

 What is a Cloud service?

A cloud service is simply a computer with a hard drive dedicated to storing information from other computers and devices that are not physically connected.  In SD79, we have a computer at each school that simply acts as an ownCloud server.  When we have improved bandwidth from all sites within the district, we will eventually move to just one cloud service housed in a server ‘farm’ in a central location.

How do I get an ownCloud account at my school?

If you have a computer account at your school (teacher or student), then you already have an ownCloud account on your school’s ownCloud server. It is actually the job of the school’s regular server to provide the authentication credentials for user accounts. So the same username/password are used for both school computer access and ownCloud access.

What type of information can I store in my ownCloud account?

Any digital files you have on your iPad or on your computer (home or school) that you need for learning/teaching can be stored in your ownCloud account.

Can I access my ownCloud account from home?

YES – and this is an important yes!  Up until the use of ownCloud, student and teacher data created in our schools’ computer labs could not be accessed from outside of the school.  Only the ‘address’ changes when you use ownCloud.  When you are in your school, on the schools wi-fi service, you use just the name of your school’s ownCloud server.  Outside of your school, you must add the full address which includes .sd79.bc.ca at the end!


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